Monday, March 19, 2012

Tips & Tricks to check used laptops u want more call @ 8885420929

Foremost impertinent MOTHER BOARD AND PROCESSOR , Intel processor is best. Don't go for amd processor they produce much more heat in laptop.

Screen is display unit part of laptop there is lines in screen no used of that, Screen is some time good, but u most close and open the fold the screen twice then u can find any problem in screen u can find out easily.

Keyboard is input device one key not function also we will go to change the entire keyboard also, so please aware to check all the keys include f1, f12 function keys also. Numbers also check deeply entire keyboard will check then only u can buy.

Battery is most impertinent for power cuts. Battery is give back up at least more then 1 hour. The new one will give 3 hrs backup. Used laptop will u expect 1 hr backup. check the status of the battery with audio playing video playing through the cd or dvd use u find exact.

Wifi is impertinent for internet this is come up with laptop inbuilt.

Webcam is impertinent for video chating so please web cam.

USB ports also check some time that is also have problem.

LAN port check must there is cable internet connection.

Body case is also be a good check for all sides of laptop is there is chance to patch of break.

Check finally adapter which will connected to the laptop it's charging or not

NOTE: Check all this you go for fresh Operating system installation. There is chance to fail installation, that is the major problem ram,hdd,motherboard, Once finish operating system start negotiating,

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